Afternoon Tea with Paul & Karen Video Archive

'Afternoon Tea with Paul & Karen' started in April 2020 as a bi-weekly offering of the Anglo-German duo Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer to musically ease lock-down and stay in touch with fans, but soon it became an anchor for a wide range of watchers around the world.

Since July 2020 the live show is streamed on Fridays only, and since August 2021 monthly as a ‘SPECIAL’.

It keeps attracting a regular and growing audience. The idea is to get together in Paul and Karen’s online living room, have a break, a cuppa and a treat, enjoy some acoustic music, relaxed banter and recurring features like the 'song-challenge', the 'duck of the week' as well as the 'mug of the week', the 'pop'-ular cover or the German 'joke-alarm'.

The last regular show was streamed on Friday, 18th August 2023, but there are occasional reunions planned e.g. a Christmas Special! 

(see our tourplan for the upcoming dates!)

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Invitation to Afternoon Tea

Episode 2 - Tues 07/04/2020

Episode 5 - Fri 17/04/2020

Episode 8 - Tues 28/04/2020